First Adventure

The three elves have tracked down the group of goblins who attacked the town to this cave. As they get closer, they are spotted by the goblin guard. He lifts a horn and raises the alarm.

Alonna quickly fires at the goblins neck. He drops the horn and holds his wounded neck.

Jay gestures, and magic energy emerges from her hand, dispatching the goblin.

As the goblin’s body hits the ground, four more goblins round the corner, spears in hand, ready to defend their spoils. Arctis Tor swing his flail and crushes the head goblin sending him flying back towards the oncoming goblins. Two of the goblins zig out of the way and extend their spears upwards at the armored elf. The third jumps over the crushed goblin body flying at him, and jumps off of what used to be it’s head. He has his spear raised high, ready to plunge down into Arctis.

Jay quickly casts magic missile and takes out one of the goblins on the ground. Alonna, on Canyon’s back, leaps over Artctis’ head, and as if jousting the goblin in the air, impails the airborn goblin, landing on top of it. Canyon mauls it just for good measure.

The final goblin strikes, but Arctis’ armor proves to be to much for it to overcome.

As Jay is preparing to cast again, an Orc lashes out with a whip from the shadows. Jay reacts in time, but stumbles down the hill and out of sight of her party members. Arctis, ignoring the goblin at his side, crushes the orc into the rock face. Alonna and Canyon leap after Jay.

Arctis feels a stab of pain as the goblin sinks his spear into a joint of the armor. Arctis smashes him into the ground. He hears running, and begins to chase an orc on foot.

Alonna has hefted Jay onto Canyon’s back, and they take pursuit of the orc as well. They quickly overcome Arctis and are closing on the orc in the forest. Alonna, trying to make sure Jay does not get injured, doesn’t notice a low hanging tree branch, and is knocked off Canyon’s back. Jay slides off and tumbles to the ground. Canyon keeps chasing the orc. They are wrestling each other when Arctis reaches them.

Arctis swings his flail, hitting and removing the arm of orc. It stumbles to the ground, and looks up at Arctis. He says “Mercy”. Arctis swings anyway, killing the orc.

They all meet up back at the cave, and found that the goblins had stolen some ail and food.

They take back the spoils to the town, who are appreciative, but not wealthy enough to offer a proper reward. Instead, they feed the trio, and give them a free night at the inn.

Canyon scares the other patrons, so Alonna and Canyon sleep in the woods.


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